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Projection Night Light Air Humidifier

Projection Night Light Air Humidifier

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Utilizing polymer mist technology, this humidifier contributes to the air with moisture without any water droplets leaving the tabletop. It is very quiet with its decibel rate of less than 30db and there is zero radiation, creating a comfortable atmosphere for all ages. Capable of releasing up to 35ml of mist per hour, it quickly achieves the desired relative humidity levels. This device is extremely portable with the added convenience of USB connectivity and is ideal for larger rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, and cars as well as baby rooms, dorms, and more.









Material: ABS + PP + PE + silicone + electronic components
Color: Pink, dark blue, light blue, white
Input voltage: DC5V
Working current: 200mA-450mA
Use power: 3.5W
Water tank capacity: 200ML
Spray mist amount: 40ML / H
Use time: 5 hours

Package Content:
1x air purifier

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