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Smart Wine Pourer

Smart Wine Pourer

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Our Smart Wine Pourer helps your red wine reach its full potential. Its breakthrough design and magnets allow for the release of more flavor molecules and increased oxygen contact, unlocking the tannin molecules and bringing out the alcohol content. Plus, the long-wavelength red light penetrates the wine for maximum oxidation. Compact and functional, it's a must-have for wine lovers and sommeliers alike.




[Size] Height 16.5CM, Width: 11.5CM, Diameter: 6CM
[Material] ABS + food grade silicone
[Package] Neutral color box; 13*7.5*20CM
[Specifications] Battery specifications: Lithium battery -18650, 3.7V, 1500mAh

Package Content
1x electronic decanter
2PCSx catheter (food grade)
1xUSB data cable



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